Stereospecific Intramolecular S$\rightarrow$Pt Transmethylation from 8-(Methylthio)quinoline to Coordinated PtMe2: Formation of syn-fac-PtIVMe3(m-8-quinolinethiolato)2 with Stacked Quinoline Rings

, , , und . Organometallics 24 (5): 794--796 (2005)


S to Pt(II) transmethylation was obsd. on reacting PtMe2(m-SMe2)2 or PtMe2(m-SEt2)2 with 8-(methylthio)quinoline (mtq) for extended periods of time or on heating of the isolable intermediate PtMe2(mtq). The final product, syn-fac-PtMe3(m-qt)2 (qt- = 8-quinolinethiolato), exhibits two quinoline rings in a nearly stacked arrangement. This internal redox reaction involving organometallic Pt constitutes a variant of the known Pt complex induced S-demethylation and proceeds in a stereospecific manner, as indicated by CD3 labeling expts. on SciFinder(R)

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