With the increasing number of sensors installed in production systems and the associated amount of recorded data, a high potential for optimizing manufacturing processes is offered. Based on the gathered information, data analyzing methods can be used to identify correlations and thus, optimize complex multi-stage production systems with the goal of zero-defect manufacturing. For this purpose, multiple statistical methods have to be applied, which is often a time-consuming task and currently requires trained and experienced specialists. Furthermore, the investigated data must be kept up to date for the early recognition of changes possibly leading to cost-intensive scrap and production downtimes. To address these issues, a web-based platform with an intuitive user interface was developed. The platform can access and process various data sources using modular methods. In addition, as part of continuous monitoring, the results of these analyzing steps can be dynamically calculated. The aim of the platform is to make complex analysis processes accessible to machine operators and thus to combine domain expertise and statistical knowledge. The paper describes the underlying architecture and the relevant interfaces of the platform.

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