A decade of particle-based scientific visualization

, , und . The European Physical Journal (Special Topics) 227: Particle Methods in Natural Science and Engineering (14): 1705--1723 (2019)


In this manuscript, we review the evolution of atomistic visualization over the last 12 years and put the development of the community in context with our own efforts within the DFG collaborative research center 716. The goal is to provide a comprehensive summary of all relevant work that has been conducted under the auspices of project D.3. In this project, we focused on the visualization and analysis of particle-based data sets, and on how to bring these visualizations onto the workstation of domain scientists without the need for a large rendering infrastructure. We discuss how our decisions and goals evolved over time and show the success stories and publications. Finally, we give an outlook on the challenges that still require additional research and to which extent the requirements and constraints of current research have changed the way visualization works after these 12 years.

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