Cloud Manufacturing: An Automated Literature Review

, , und . Procedia CIRP (2019)7th CIRP Global Web Conference – Towards shifted production value stream patterns through inference of data, models, and technology (CIRPe 2019).


Due to digitalization, virtualization and Industry 4.0, the structure of the manufacturing industry is changing. One result of this development is cloud manufacturing, a new manufacturing paradigm. The number of new literatures related to this topic is increasing tremendously. Therefore, cloud manufacturing degenerates into a collective term, with a wide variety of definitions and research areas emerging. On the one hand, this paper deals with an automated statistical evaluation of the literature on cloud manufacturing. On the other hand, the main research areas of cloud manufacturing are identified by a statistical evaluation of the literature keywords from three selected databases. By means of natural language processing and machine learning methods, the keywords are automatically evaluated and grouped into clusters to obtain the main research areas.

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