Automated OPC UA address space generation from existing data structures

, , , und . 2019 IEEE 17th International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN), 1, Seite 959-964. (Juli 2019)


If existing communication systems are converted to OPC UA, an OPC UA information model is required for the existing data structures. In small systems, an information model can be created manually with reasonable effort. In systems with numerous data structures, however, the effort for manual creation is too demanding. In order to continue using the existing data structures in the code without having to handle OPC UA-specific data structures, a transformation between the existing data structures and the OPC UA information model is necessary. This article presents a possibility of generating an OPC UA information model by a description of the existing data structures, e.g. generated based on ROS messages. The description of data structures is evaluated at runtime and linked with the existing data structures. The different representations for the different access types (read, request/response) in the OPC UA information model are discussed. In addition, an OPC UA client can read the information model from the descriptions of the data structures and write the read data back to the original data structure. In this way, both the provision of the data via OPC UA and the reception are possible. The adaptation effort of the existing software is minimal, since the existing structures are automatically populated and can still be used as usual.

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