EPR study of paramagnetic rhenium(I) complexes (bpy.-)Re(CO)3X relevant to the mechanism of electrocatalytic CO2 reduction

, , und . Journal of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 2: Physical Organic Chemistry (1997)


In situ redn. of fac-(bpy)Re(CO)3Cl, bpy = 2,2'-bipyridine, at a platinum cathode under CO2 atmosphere in acetonitrile or acetone has produced a series of distinct EPR spectra which are attributed to (bpy.-) contg. species and which invariably reveal the interaction of the unpaired electron with the metal nuclei (185,187Re, I=5/2). The EPR investigation of various model complexes (bpy.-)Re(CO)3X, generated by electrochem. redn. under argon of diamagnetic precursors (bpy)Re(CO)3X, X = Cl-, CF3SO3-, CH3O-, H-, THF, CH3CN, CO, HCO2-, HCO3- and CH3C(O)- has been used to interpret the results from the reactions under CO2 atmosphere. on SciFinder(R)

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