In-process Control for Adaptive Spindle Speed Variation and Selection

, und . Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and Technologies NEWTECH 2013, Seite 117-126. (2013)


The productivity of the milling process is limited by the cutting depth. Thecritical cutting depth varies for different spindle speeds. Unstable processescan be stabilized by varying the spindle speed. This paper presents a newapproach to stabilize the process by using adaptive spindle speed variationand selection (ASSV/ASSS). Based on the current cutting conditions theparameters of the ASSV are calculated by an in-process feedback controller tostabilize the process. In parallel a new stable spindle speed for the cuttingdepth is derived and selected (ASSS). Even if there exists no stable spindlespeed for the cutting depth, the ASSV stabilizes the process. The results areverified with simulations and with experiments on a commercial millingmachine. The application of ASSV/ASSS increases the stable cutting depth andthus the productivity with constant speed by 233% and reduces the displacementof the tool tip by the factor of 10.

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