N-(2-Pyridyl)acetamido-N,N'dimolybdenum; The (new) shortest known molybdenum-molybdenum quadruple bond
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Inorganic Chemistry 18 (10): 2717--2719 (1979)

The reaction of Mo2(O2CCH3)4 with the anion of N-(2-pyridyl)acetamide gives Mo2(C5NH4)NC(O)CH34. The ligands coordinates through the 2 N atoms. The Mo-Mo distance is 2.037(3) \AA, the shortest Mo-Mo distance known. The previously shortest occurs in Mo22,6-(MeO)2C6H34, 2.064(1) \AA. The compd. is tetragonal, with a 9.050(1) and c 17.438(3) \AA, Z = 2. The possible space groups were I4, I4̅, and I4/m, of which only the last 2 were consistent with the Patterson function. The structure could not be refined in I4̅ but using a disordered model it behaved satisfactorily in I4/m. Each ligand is treated as having 2 equally populated orientations; the actual symmetry of an individual mol. thus remains unknown, but is probably D2d. on SciFinder(R)
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