Experimental and numerical investigation of edge tones

, , und . ZAMM Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics 84 (9): 632-646 (2004)


We study both, by experimental and numerical means the fluid dynamical phenomenon of edge tones. Of particular interest is the verification of scaling laws relating the frequency f to given quantities, namely d, the height of the jet, w, the stand�off distance and the velocity of the jet. We conclude that the Strouhal number Sd is related to the geometrical quantities through Sd = C � (d / w)n with n � 1, in contrast to some analytical treatments of the problem. The constant C of the experiment agrees within 13�15\% with the result of the numerical treatment. Only a weak dependence on the Reynolds number with respect to d is observed. In general, a very good agreement of the experimental and the numerical simulations is found.

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