A System Dynamic Model of a Complex Material Flow System for VirtualCommissioning: A System Dynamic Model of a Complex Material Flow System for VirtualCommissioning

. (2011)


The high productivity of modern factories is achieved by flexible andreconfigurable manufacturing units with highly automated machining centers andconveying systems. In order to be able to develop the control systems of theproduction, methods for virtual commissioning are a scope for design.The poster introduces a real-time-capable multiscale material flow simulationand presents in particular the microscopic model scale for the virtualcommissioning. This discrete element model takes into account the physicalproperties of the material, as for example masses, inertia, friction andelasticity as well as the interaction among each other and the environment.For this purpose we present a concept consisting of a hierarchical collisiondetection, collision response, physically-based modeling and real-timesimulation. We explicitly examine the requirements on the virtualcommissioning, which are a strongly time-deterministic computation in therange of one millisecond and robust and efficient computing algorithms. Thesimulation concept is validated against a real conveying system and aperformance measurement is carried out.

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