(Acetato)tris(N,N'-diphenylacetamidinato)dimolybdenum and bis(acetato)bisN,N'-bis(2,6-xylyl)acetamidinatodimolybdenum tetrakis(tetrahydrofuranate). Two new mixed-ligand quadruply bonded dimolybdenum compounds

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Inorganic Chemistry, 20 (3): 930--934 (1981)
DOI: 10.1021/ic50217a058


Mo2(2,6-xylyl)N2CCH32(CH3CO2)2.4THF is triclinic, space group P1̅, with a 11.637(2), b 11.655(1), c 11.824(2) \AA, a 90.82(1), b 108.75(1), and g 70.02(1)°; Z = 1. Each mol. has 2 axially coordinated THF mols. and resides on a center of inversion. The Mo-Mo bond length is 2.107(1) \AA, and the av. Mo-O(acetate) and Mo-N bond lengths are 2.107(4) and 2.162(5) \AA, resp. The Mo-O(THF) distance is 2.709(6) \AA. Mo2(PhN)2CCH33(CH3CO2) is triclinic, space group P1̅, with a 12.516(3), b 17.968(4), c 10.214(2) \AA, a 93.88(2), b 113.17(2), and g 71.95(2)°; Z = 2. Each mol. occupies a general position within the unit cell. The Mo-Mo distance is 2.082(1) \AA, and the Mo-O distances av. $\sim$2.162(5) \AA and indicate the operation of a structural trans effect in the mol. on SciFinder(R)



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