We are interested in approximating vector-valued functions on a compact set $ØmegaR^d$. We consider reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces of $R^m$-valued functions which each admit a unique matrix-valued reproducing kernel $k$. These spaces seem promising, when modelling correlations between the target function components. The approximation of a function is a linear combination of matrix-valued kernel evaluations multiplied with coefficient vectors. To guarantee a fast evaluation of the approximant the expansion size, i.e. the number of centers $n$ is desired to be small. We thus present three different greedy algorithms by which a suitable set of centers is chosen in an incremental fashion: First, the $P$-Greedy which requires no function evaluations, second and third, the $f$-Greedy and $f/P$-Greedy which require function evaluations but produce centers tailored to the target function. The efficiency of the approaches is investigated on some data from an artificial model.

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