Automation of the Casting Process using a model-based NC Architecture

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IFAC-PapersOnLine, 48 (17): 195 - 200 (2015)4th \IFAC\ Workshop on Mining, Mineral and Metal Processing \MMM\ 2015Oulu, Finland, 25–27 August 2015.


Abstract Automation of the casting process in foundries is most commonly limited to foundry lines for series manufacturing. The employed teach-in method for programming the process is time-consuming and, therefore, only suited for large lot sizes. Thus, manufacturing of small lot sizes or single parts still necessitates the handwork and expertise of workers pouring the molten metal into the mould. This creates a dangerous environment for the worker. In recent years researchers have developed a model-based process control, which allows precise casting control without having to previously teach the process. Usage of these process models has been limited to special process control systems, specifically designed for a certain machine. In this paper, a novel approach is presented, in which a \NC\ (Numerical Control) system is enhanced by process models. Instead of programming the \NC\ in kinematic coordinates, it will be shown that programming in process coordinates allows robust and flexible casting, even for small lot sizes. The paper will prove the feasibility of the approach by evaluation of the processing time of the model.



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