Ikarus v0.3

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Software, (2023)
DOI: 10.18419/darus-3303


Ikarus is a C++-based library (link to documentation) built to solve partial differential equations with the finite element method. This release contains implementation of some fundamental concepts of finite element technology, addition of several workflows for efficient checks on github and improved documentation. For more details on the changes of this release refer the repo file CHANGELOG.md. or go to github.The dataset under this DOI contains the current release (v0.3) of the Ikarus library. This version's documentation (as *.zip and *.tar.gz) is also included, and it can be accessed by navigating to the top-level file "index.html" in a browser.Additionally, this dataset comes with two Docker containers. One has Ikarus for this release installed that can be used to execute examples. The other Docker container comes with pieces of the Ikarus library that can be built and developed further. The Ikarus sources are also included as files formatted similarly to the documentation (i.e., as *.zip and *.tar.gz).



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