Friction Variances of Linear Machine Tool Axes: Friction Variances of Linear Machine Tool Axes
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Friction and damping have a wide influence on machine tools’ dynamics. Thestatistical spread of identical machine tools’ frictionand components’ influence on it are marginally known. In order to reduce thislack of knowledge, measurements of friction inlinear axes of identical machine tools were performed.In the course of this paper the variance of friction in a single axis isdetermined as well as the difference between several machinetools. Different types of feed drive systems, ball screw and linear motordriven, are measured and compared. The measured frictioncurves are used to estimate parameters of an extended Stribeck friction model.As a result, a method of measuring and analyzing friction in machine tools isdeveloped and the evaluated parameters can be usedfor observing the assembly process, for condition monitoring, for on-boarddiagnostics and for scatter based parameterization ofsimulation models.
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